What are the regular types of flights your company operates?

We offer a variety of type of flights as per the clients interest among them Skydiving, VIP flights, Human Sling Operation, Pilgrimage tour, Aerial Mountain sightseeing, Rescue evacuation, projects, Aerial filming and photography, Charter, Heli-trekking, Trans-border flights etc.Beside this we cater to the customized needs of our clienrts.

What types of mountain flights do you offer?

We offer wide ranges of flights throughout the majestic Himalayas like Mt. Everest Region, Langtang (kyanjing Gumpa) Region, and Annapurna Base camp (West)etc. Each flight has its own unique charm and provides a unique opportunity to explore the mystical land.

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AS 350 B e

Do you operate Pilgrimage tours?

Yes, we offer quite a few of the Pilgrimage tours specially for our Hindu and Buddhist clients such as Mt. Kailash (6638m), Muktinath (3798m), Damodar Kunda (4890m), Gosaikunda (4380m), Halesi Mahadev, Lumbini etc.

What is heli-trekking?

Heli trekking is gaining popularity with those people who have limited time nevertheless want discover similar experience of being in nature. Our helicopter would drop you at a place and then you can trek to a certain point of your choice and we pick you up at the desired point depending on your time and preference at different or the same day.

What is a heli-tour?

Heli-tour is an excellent way of discovering  the spellbinding beauty of Nepal if you are not able to go for weeks long trekking in the Himalayas. Nepal, having high mountains and beautiful scenic countryside but is not easily accessible by land transport, is known as “Helicopter Country.” We offer you a variety of helicopter tours in the Himalayan range which has more than 100 peaks of which 8 summits are amongst the world’s tallest. Some examples of our heli tours are Upper mustang tour, and religious heli tours are Muktinath tour, Damodar Kund ,Mt Kailash heli tour, Lumbini heli tour etc.

We read about sky diving, are you offering heli-sky diving?

Yes, we support and encourage heli-skydiving as an adventure attraction in Nepal. Apparently Nepal is becoming a popular destination for such adventure sports and we are always eager to fulfill the desires of our adventurous clients.

What is an emergency medical evacuation?

Emergency medical evacuation service is used for clients from all over the country in case of emergencies or serious health conditions. It is well equipped with all of the necessary medical facilities for evacuation such as oxygen, first aid kit etc.